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Every large, successful business has an experienced Chief Financial Officer on their leadership team. It’s really an essential role for every business - but most small businesses like ours can’t afford one. Too many of us are missing out on important skill sets like:

  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial forecasting
  • Tax strategy

That's why a couple of us finance nerds got together and created diyCFO... to help fill that void for YOUR small business. For the first time, you can have access to sophisticated (yet easy to use) financial tools, training and strategies previously reserved for only the big wigs.

More than just accounting, finance, cashflow and investment advice...

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David Worrell is the head nerd at diyCFO

Meet David, Your diyCFO


Yep... he's as nerdy as you'd hope, but let's be serious for a moment and give you some of his street cred. An accomplished entrepreneur, analyst and author, David Worrell specializes in helping small businesses grow rapidly by employing powerful financial and business development strategies.

David’s success as a CFO is built on his experience as a business owner. Prior to launching diyCFO he founded, ran and sold three companies and was recognized four times as a “Fast 50″ award recipient for business growth. David is also a partner at Fuse Financial Partners - which offers bookkeeping services, financial consulting, and fractional CFO services..

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Have you noticed that the rules for PPP keep changing? 

Now you can stay compliant and maximize forgiveness with the diyCFO PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator. This tool will help you:

  • Understand the SBA spending rules
  • Keep track of your spending to increase your chances of loan forgiveness
  • Budget your money to qualify for 100% forgiveness
  • And more! 


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“We Do It For You” PPP Loan Forgiveness

Let us take care of your PPP Loan Forgiveness application. You'll get peace of mind when our team assures it's done the right way.  We've already helped hundreds of companies with PPP Loan Forgiveness applications.  This is truly personalized to you.   We’ll meet with you 1-on-1 and take care of all the details.

Have Us Do It!

PPP2 is Here.  (Jan 2021)  We'll Apply For You!

The second round of stimulus is approved and rolling out now (2021).  This time there are more nuances to your PPP funding request.  Why not have our team do it for you.  Just like our we did for hundreds of business owners who purchased our "We Do It For You" PPP Loan Forgiveness, we'll find the maximum amount available and do the paperwork too!

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Is accounting fun for you?

We know that accounting and bookkeeping can be daunting, but it's also critical to your business success. Ask yourself... would you like to know?

  • Whether your books are accurate?
  • Whether your bookkeeper is a good accountant?
  • Whether you might have tax problems (overpaid?)
  • What your company needs to grow faster?
  • How to read a balance sheet?
  • How to read a cash flow statement?
  • Whether your books are being kept correctly?
  • What your balance sheet says about your company?
  • And More!


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You don't have to have a finance degree to make bettter financial decisions for your business. We have plenty of opportunities for you to learn and grow with our memberships, courses, and resources. More than 53,000 businesses have relied on diyCFO to help them manage their businesses with a CFO mindset. You can too! 


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